Facebook to Implement New Measures Aimed at Stopping Harmful Information

Facebook has turned out to be one of the most widely relied upon social media platform boasting of close to 2.3 billion active users.  In addition to this, it is the most influential platform available on the internet thanks to its unique features that make it easy for users to interact. Of course, other platforms like YouTube and Google may enjoy a wide following, but neither of them can be able to match the intimacy of personal communication that Facebook brings.


Most people tend to believe the opinions and information which is shared by family and friends and Facebook provides the framework for such. However, such power comes with disadvantages since it is not easy to manage the information that other people are sharing. This was highly evident during the 2016 US Presidential Election since information available on Facebook was used in downsizing some candidates. Facebook clearly understands the freedom that users have and that is why are have put measures in place to manage the information shared.


One of the ways in which Facebook is managing information is cracking down on group sharing. In the last two years, Facebook has been encouraging the use of groups leading to the increase in conversations out of the main News Feed into more private spaces. This measure seems to be working since there is an increase in the number of people who are using messages. For this reason, more content is not published in the public eye thus preventing the spread of wrong information.


Apart from cracking down on group sharing, Facebook has also put in place new regulations which will see it implementing penalties on groups that spread wrong information. This is regardless of whether or not the content violates Facebook’s standards. With these measures in place, we expect to see an end to wrong information on Facebook as it may tarnish the names of people involved.