Getting the information about John Lim

As health needs keep on growing, it is vital that technological innovation is at the fore front of changing things to keep health needs and requirements scalable. In any case, for the innovations to be upheld at an economically and fiscally pace, it is mandatory for different stakeholders to participate. This action goes far in guaranteeing beneficial practices like time efficiency and cost reduction become a basic factor. Together, these two practices lead to growth and development at a rapid pace. One extraordinary person that is starting at now getting this moving is Professor John CW Lim.


For the people who most likely won’t know, Professor John Lim is the founding Executive head of the Center of Regulatory Excellence (CoRE) at the Duke-National University of Singapore Medical School (Duke-NUS) and Policy Core Lead of the SingHealth Duke-NUs Global Health Institute (SDGHI). A medical doctor with graduate degrees from Harvard University, Dr. Lim has played a key role in improving the world a spot. His works in the health sector can never go unnoticed especially with respect to clinical research.

Taking everything into account, his efforts earned him the Award for leadership in promoting global collaboration to advance healthcare products to patients. This is exceptionally fascinating considering the technological advancements inside the health care system has led to the development of significantly optimized and cost efficient solutions to individual just as industry challenges. If this isn’t adequate, he also received an award that recognizes substantial upheld impact in shaping regulatory practice and policy from the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society. Taking everything into account, this doesn’t come as a surprise if we are to go with the numerous changes he has enabled in the health industry.


It is undoubtedly that innovation is a critical tool in the health industry as it boosts scale insuperable impediments and restraints. For the health care sector to flourish into an inexorably efficient system, it is mandatory for all stakeholders to collaborate. Besides, inter-professional cooperation needs to become the norm in this way changing the entire sector. This is what Professor John CW Lim is starting at now doing and there is an entire other world to show for it. In the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, he is working hand in hand with his colleagues to provide advice and share knowledge while at the same time facilitating helpful discussions. For additional information, click this page.