LG V50: First 5G Phone from LG

Nobody would have expected to see a new V-series phone released into the market until later on in the year. However, just as the rumours suggested, the new LG V50 was launched together with the G8 ThinQ smartphone at the MWC 2019. This happens to be the first 5G smartphone in the market that boasts of a Dual Screen accessory. With the Dual Accessory, you can be able to convert the smartphone into a foldable phone.


One of the key features that makes this one of a kind smartphone standout from others in the market is its 5G network. Actually, this is the first phone from LG that will have a 55 network meaning you can enjoy up to 20 times the speed you get in a normal 4G device. With 5G, the phone is bigger, thicker and better than the previous V series generations. For the phone to function effectively, you will need to have a Snapdragon X50 modem together with a bigger battery at 4,000mAh.

Apart from the 5G network there are not many additional features since it still makes use of thin bezels, notch together with the 6.4in OLED display which is present in previous generations. In addition to this, you will also get the IP68 water resistance that keeps it safe whenever there is contact with water. For security purposes, the phone comes with a fingerprint sensor that is still located on the rear.


LG has not announced the exact release date in the UK market although it is expected that it will be launched in the US and South Korea markets on 19 April.  The phone is expected to cost a whopping $1047 and hence you will need to have a huge financial backing before purchasing it. As for the optional Dual Screen which adds a second display, you will have to part with $193. The good news is that LG is planning to make both the phone and dual screen affordable than other foldable gadgets available in the market.