Singapore Airlines Ltd Grounds Two 787 Aircrafts with Engine Problems

Singapore Airlines Limited has grounded two of their 787aircrafts using the Trent 1000 engines. This comes at a time when Rolls Royce Holdings Plc is trying to redesign new blades on its Trent 1000 engines.The U.K engine maker had initially recalled a number of the global fleet with the main aim of testing the authenticity of their engines. By grounding the 786 aircrafts, Singapore Airlines Limited seems to be taking safety and precautionary measures after a number of passenger carrier planes were involved in accidents with an Ethiopian owned airline being the latest one.

Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc share of turbines has been reduced over the last couple of years after the onset of plagues affecting Trent programs in 2016. With the persistent engine problems, many airlines have been forced to re-route their planes especially those that were expected to serve long distance routes. These planes are now being used on shorter distances since they may end up causing accidents that always lead to loss of life.

In a statement, Singapore Airlines said that they came across “premature blade” deterioration while performing their routine inspections on some plane engines.The airline together with Rolls have now identified other Trent 1000 engines which need to undergo precautionary inspections if they are to resume normal duties. For Boeing, grounding more of their Dreamliner’s comes at an inappropriate time.  Most of their best-selling 737 max planes have already been grounded by airlines around the world after two crashes had caused safety concern with regulators.

Singapore Airlines Limited have every reason to smile since they detected the problem earlier enough. Singapore Airlines said it was working with authorities and Rolls-Royce in order to examine any additional actions and precautionary measures which need to be put in place.