Quantum Computers Which Perform Quantum Computing

Technology seems to be changing in every sector that you may come across be it the mobile world or computer world. New devices are coming up with others still in their development stages.  Computing technology seems to be the most developed as it is started with room-sized machine to hand- held Personal Digital Assistants and Smartphones. Now the trend seems to have shifted to Quantum computers which have the capabilities of taking computing to the next level. These computers have the ability to perform quantum computing by simply using quantum mechanics.


Quantum computers are one of the most powerful machines that you will ever come across since they are designed to handle complex and fascinating laws of nature. This is made possible as the computers rely on laws of quantum mechanics. With these laws, Quantum computers can be able to break the complex chemical bonds and molecular structures. They are thus capable of helping in the discovery of new materials and medicine.


D-Wave, a Canadian based company, was the first company to sell quantum computers. This computer did not go at a throw away price since it could solve more critical problems. For instance, the computer has the ability of cracking and understanding the detailed properties and structure of a caffeine molecule present in a cup of coffee. Therefore, their high price is justifiable since the computer is not intended for individuals but institutions.


Many governments and military agencies around the world are now investing heavily on quantum computing researches with the main aim of developing quantum machines. These machines will then be used for national security, business and environmental purposes. However, for this to be realised, they have to put in more effort if Quantum computers are to help the future generation. For now, these computers remain a dream that will one day come true even though it may require huge investments.