Samsung Galaxy Fold: A Smartphone with Multitasking Capabilities

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2019. This unique gadget is considered to be more than just a smartphone due to its foldable feature that can easily transform it from a phone to tablet and back again providing users with a canvas as large as 7.3 inches. To make it even better, the smartphone can be able to run three applications at a go without encountering any problems. With these one of a kind features, the smartphone is expected to cost quite a fortune with the starting price estimated to be around $2000. This will make it one of the highest selling phones that we have in the market today.


The Galaxy Fold manufacturer has set the release date toApril 26th with sales expected to be conducted through Samsung Experience and Best Buy stores.Pre-orders for the Samsung Fold smartphone started on April 12. Customers can sign upat Samsung’s website after which they will be notified about pre-orders. The Director of Product Services and Commercial Strategy at Samsung, Kate Beaumont, said customers should not expect to get a huge roll out of the smartphone. This is because they consider it to be a super-premium device.Making it available in all stores will lose their goal of giving users a concierge like service and experience.


Samsung Fold was specifically designed to target customers who are looking for a single device which can also double up as a tablet and phone. It is also aimed at people who are willing to meet the set price tag. With Samsung Fold, you can use it as an iPad or ultraportable laptop. With this latest smartphone, you are sure to enjoy multi tasking capabilities as long as you are willing to meet the set price tag.