Samsung Q90 QLED TV: A Television with the Latest Samsung Ambient Mode

Samsung never disappoints their fans when it comes to offering the best televisions. This was highly evident in 2018 when they released the Samsung Q9FN which amassed numerous praises from plaudits and customers at large. The Samsung Q9FN had unique features and image qualities which were not present in previous developments. Now the Samsung Q9FN is being replaced by the Samsung Q90 QLED TV since it had complaints about viewing angles. In addition to this, some owners also complained of an over-aggressive local dimming system that could easily crush.


All the criticisms which were present in Samsung Q9FN have now been addressed in the new Samsung Q90 QLED TV. This new model boasts of a superior viewing angle as opposed to the Q90 design. To make it even better, the local dimming does not crush as it offers deep black without having to lose any shadow detail. For this reason, the new Samsung Q90 QLED TV is nothing but a revelation which is beyond belief.

It will not be too much to say that the Q90 is among the best design by Samsung since it has quite a number of features which cannot be found in a regular television. Some of the features that you can get from this one of a kind television include Bixby voice control, dedicated backlight dimming chip, Samsung’s unique QLED colour system and a wide viewing angle technology.


With the many unique features that the Samsun Q90 QLED TV offers, you will have to break the bank before laying your hands on one. This is because the television is available at 3799 Euros. However, this price is justifiable since you will get to enjoy watching unlike other cheaper televisions that you may decide to buy.