Things to Include in Your Blackpink Marketing Strategy

Boasting a total of 16 billion YouTube views, 71.1 million subscribers and hundreds of broken records, it is quite clear that South Korean K-pop group Blackpink has taken the world by storm. Despite their immense popularity, many fans still criticize the group for their rare comebacks compared to many other groups;


But the question remains, how are they able to continue breaking records after records with so little content? What are the secrets behind their ever-growing popularity? Today, we will take a look into killer marketing plan using Blackpink. Here are some excellent Blackpink marketing strategies.


One notable feature of Blackpink is that they are a diverse group with global roots. The group doesn’t limit their promotions and efforts only to South Korea. Actually, it was built with both national and international audiences in mind from the word go. And this is easy to see considering members have a distinct personality.


In a nutshell, Rose was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, not forgetting she speaks fluent English.  Lisa, born in Thailand, speaks four languages fluently, including Korean while Jennie born in South Korea, but studied in New Zealand. As for Jisoo, she was born and raised in South Korea.


Another critical aspect of Blackpink’s marketing strategy, and something not many companies and brands are doing, is an expensive focus on personal branding. A part of the group success is thanks to the fact that each member is a shining star on its own as well, not only as a group. YG spends heavily on solo promotion, and Jennie, Lisa and Rose already released their solo singles.


Furthermore, each girl gets her own shows, promotions, campaigns and initiatives. They are becoming very successful on their own as well, which only adds to the group’s popularity. In short, each member of the group boasts an amazing badass idea


What makes Blackpink so successful is the powerful combination of Marketing strategies. This includes the use of differentiation through a girl crush concept, the creation of extremely high-quality, but scarce content, the focus on personal branding, and of course, a big Marketing budget.


If you must follow in their footsteps, then it pays off to better understand what goes into each of their Marketing strategy. The more you know, the easier it is to drive business growth.

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